Product Features – Grows slow to 7 feet tall within years. – Packed with lots of brightly colored foliage. – Cut stems further contribute to its beauty.



Large, bright glossy leaves decorated with small brown dots add realism to a brightly lit room at home, outdoors on a lightly shaded porch or in the office. The Money Tree features clusters of medium green leaves that spiral up the sturdy trunks forming an excellent basis for numerous dried decorations and sensory plant containers including wreaths, floral arrangements and centerpieces. This fast growing tree grows best near a sunny window where the top portion of the branches can be trimmed to create lovely open space for newer growth plants. Carefully cut these new ‘stems’ away from the base of the trunk when they begin to bear flowers as this will encourage additional growth. Money Trees grow slowly to accommodate decorating time and is happiest being enjoyed by family and friends in their gift giving season. To promote healthy growth, remove large diameter, dead branches preferably in the fall after some light trimming.


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